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Zeus is a young adult male Hound mix that has now found his forever home.



I met Winston at a group obedience session a while back. He and his owner were not a good match, Winston's personality dominating his owner. He was practically unapproachable by others, acting out in general because he wasn't getting the direction he needed, and he was less than a year old!. His "person" loved him dearly, but realized that Winston was too much for her to handle. With sadness, she asked if I could find his Perfect Home. Within days of coming here, Winston had become a new dog; he was seemingly relieved that he no longer had to play the Alpha role. Now, I had to find his Perfect Home, a "take charge" person capable of earning Winston's respect. One of the first friends I spoke with about him had a friend who had lost his beloved GSD some months earlier, and was ready to fill the hole in his life. After an interview, Mark came to meet Winston and it was mutual love at first sight. I'm in regular contact with Mark, and they are perfect for each other. I love having the opportunity to facilitate perfect matches.


I am honored to count Wayne among my friends. This article and these photos are a testament to what Rescue is all about. Rescue is not by any means limited to helping the adoptable dogs and cats. See more at:

 Cody has found his NEW FOREVER HOME in Ocala!
His new mom owns a 137 acre horse farm in Ocala.  They have 4 other dogs, cats, horses, etc. and people are onsite & working 24/7.  Cody is being adopted because their other 4 dogs are not overly people-friendly.  They are rescued (3-legged, 1-eyed, etc.) farm dogs who have their own routine, and they want a “family-dog”.  Cody will get to make the rounds with security, riding on a Gator 4x4 as he wishes, will have a doggy door to come in/out as he pleases and will have plenty of humans to get as much attention from as he desires.
from: Joan Alexander
Catnip Trails, Inc. 

a beautiful Bordeax (French Mastiff) has found his Forever Home!

Hootch was going to be "put to sleep" because he"looked mean" according to the shelter director.
He is now in his Perfect Home.

For more photos of Hootch, go to: 


Here's another favorite (oh, but aren't they all?), the wonderful and SO lovable Dixie.